Add images to Wiki Page in gitlab

By pafel, March 20, 2015

Do you need to write Wiki pages?

Well I had to write a few this week and what I couldn’t find was the way to add images to my wiki pages. It is easy to find in internet how you can show an image from any url, but I couldn’t find easy the way how I can upload the image to this wiki and show it from there. You cannot just upload the image via FTP to the wiki and you cannot attach it :). So what I did is, I cloned the wiki on my computer, added the image to the wiki itself and linked it in the article with its relative path within the wiki. What happen? BOOM, it worked 🙂

First you click on git access button. You can see it above ( preselected ), then you clone the wiki as a normal repository and add the image. In my case I added a folder with images. And then in the wiki page itself you link to the image like this:

![Database Schema](images/database-schema.png)

This is it. Happy writing

What do you think?

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